'Afghanistan Blueys' by Tim & Matt Bowditch

'Tim Bowditch is a photographer, living and working in London. His brother, Matt Bowditch, is a bandsman in the Royal Marines. For his band duties, Matt is based in Exmouth, but in April 2011 he began a three month tour of Afghanistan.
When Matt announced that he was going to Afghanistan, Tim decided that he wanted to collaborate with his brother on a photographic project. For Christmas 2010, Tim gave Matt a Fuji Instant camera, and enough film to last him for his three month tour.
Tim asked Matt to take pictures of anything he liked, the only request was for ‘quiet photos’. The three months of Matt’s tour were marked by three packages (or ‘blueys’, taking their name from the blue paper upon which letter to friends and family are written) of photos, sent back to Tim in England. Tim would choose the images that he liked and the next batch of photos would be shaped by Tim’s selection.’

Tim’s Website / Blog

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